Solving tech problems

Kdor nima dovolj znanja, plačuje dodatno

Banking and Finance

V primeru, da ne vlagate v lastno izobraževanje (tudi po končani šoli/fakulteti) in če ne posvetite dovolj časa razumevanju ter preverjanju poročil, ki so vam jih pripravili strokovnjaki na tem področju, se vam lahko pripeti situacija, ko boste plačali več zaradi strokovne napake ali nepazljivosti teh ljudi. Navajam samo dva primera, pri katerih mi je znanje preprečilo dodatne stroške. Prvi primer Imam lasten s.p. z normiranimi stroški, ki je davčni zavezanec, in sodelujem z računovodsko firmo, ki profesionalno ureja moje papirje ter poroča državi. Mesečno ali tromesečno mi posredujejo informacije…read more

How to import Odoo database and browse locally


If you use Odoo CRM solution, you can login into your account and under it you will find My Databases. When you click on it, you will be able to export existing database (to make a dump of it). This will be used for import on your local machine. Download this dump archive to your PC. Now, you need to install PostgreSql Database Server on your machine. I am using Windows and I choose to install version 14. You need to have 64-bit Windows OS and you can download PostgreSql…read more

Trip to Ireland

Leisure and Pleasure

We took an airplane from Venice to Dublin (duration 2:45) and here is on photo above the Alps. After arriving in Dublin airport we took a bus to Galway. Trip took around 3 hours and we went for late dinner (after check-in). Few photos from Galway: In the morning we have a breakfast – I choose some Irish type: I went to pick-up the rented car (half hour of walk from the hotel) and tried to adapt quickly on right-hand side driving. It was not as difficult as I expected,…read more

Plitvice lakes in Winter

Leisure and Pleasure

We went to Plitvice lakes on 18th February 2023 for two reasons: Always wanted to see it in Winter and to see some snow, but we didn’t have it much (the good thing is that all paths were opened) The entrance tickets are cheapest in this period and for small family of 3 it is around 30€ (in full season around 100€) Here are some photos…

PATH variable optimizer and cleaner

System Administration

You will maybe run into the problem that your PATH variable length is higher than 2048 characters, which is allowed maxium. If this occurs your PATH setting will stop working and you need some automatic tool to optimize and clean your path by removing unused records and optimizing/shortening used records. Download the tool to do this here: It is a command line tool and if you type for help: You will get this: To optimize your global (computer account) PATH variable type: To optimize your user’s PATH variable type:

How to delete locked folder in Windows

System Administration

Windows + R (Run) and type resmon.exe for ResourceMonitor Go to CPU section > Associated handles and in search box type your folder name (part of) You will see now which process is holding this folder and preventing it from deletion and in this case it is from TortoiseGit app. In order to disable this cache go to Tortoise Git > Settings > Icon Overlays and set Cache to None

Remove read-only attributes from WD (Western Digital) disk

System Administration

Right-click START and choose “Command Prompt” (run as administrator) Type “diskpart” and press Enter. Type “list volume” and press Enter. Type “select volume #”, where # is the number of the drive that’s giving you the “write-protected” error. You might be able to identify the drive by its size – your internal drives such as C, etc, are usually listed first also. Type “attributes disk clear readonly” and press Enter.