Beautiful Seychelles

Leisure and Pleasure

A lot of people have prejudices that having Summer vacation at Seychelles is something super expensive but they are wrong. Croatia is maybe more expensive now and Winter in Seychelles still has better and warmer weather and warmer sea.

We had a great two weeks here and really enjoyed by visiting three islands: Mahe, Praslin and La Digue.

Some prices:

  • Coke, Beer – 3€ – 3,5€
  • Fresh squeezed juice (3dl till 5dl) – 7€
  • Gasoline: 1,3€/l
  • Rent-a-car – around 60€ per day if you book it here, or 40€ via internet agencies if you book before (size: Kia Picanto)
  • Ferry transfer from Mahe -> Praslin -> La Digue -> Mahe – 180€ per person
  • Dinner for 3 persons – 3 drinks, 3 main meals, 1 or 2 deserts – from 80€ to 100€. If you eat fast sea food in some stationed kiosk it will cost around 30€ for 3 persons.
  • Entrance to Coco de Mer Unesco heritage national park at Praslin – 90€ for 3 persons above 12 years old
  • Bike daily rental at La Digue – 6,5€/day
  • Guided trekking tour for 3 person in La Digue – 150€
  • One day excursion with lunch (grilled fish) and with boat transfer to 2 islands, 2 beaches, seeing giant turtles and scuba diving at third spot will cost you 300€ for 3 persons.
  • Reasonably good apartment costs 80€-100€ per night (for 3 persons) and some very nice accommodation with breakfast costs around 215€/night. Of course, there is also an accommodation in Four Seasons hotel that will cost 10.000€/week or even up to 180.000€/week (king’s apartment).

And now some nice images (and this is definitely not a place you should visit only once in your life) 🙂