Trello is a great tool is nicely done, efficient and very clear task management tool. You can use it for managing your weekly plans/tasks and you can create multiple boards and then moving task from the left to the right.

For example, you can have three simple boards:

  1. What need to be done
  2. What is done and in testing phase
  3. What is finished, tested and published

It is even efficient to follow Scrum methodology in a simple way – nice for small teams and their collaboration. We really like it and use it on a daily basis.


There is also similar tool from Google named Google Keep which I don’t like at all. UX from Google guys is for me always complicated, over featured and not user friendly.


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Microsoft .NET to run on Linux and Mac OS X

Microsoft .NET will finally run fully on Linux and Mac OS X platform and this is a great news.

Visual Studio is maybe the best tool for developers and Microsoft decided to open sourcing the full server-side .NET Core stack, from ASP.NET 5 down to Core Runtime and Framework.

Microsoft is also giving for free Visual Studio Community 2013 full featured edition of Visual Studio, available today.

You can watch more about this here.

Open source links
.NET Compiler –
.NET Core –
.NET –

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What your ideas are worth in the terms of money?

As said before in previous blog post we can differentiate all people roughly in three groups


  • He never misses an opportunity to tell everyone in sight about his goals for the day, the week or even the month ahead
  • Whenever anything favourable and worth noticing happens in the office, he finds an excuse to talk about it
  • Not only does he impress his supervisors and bosses, even his customers are impressed, for quite some time, at least


  • He is one who is not short of ideas and is seen often to exercises due diligence at work
  • This person has the ability to think out-of-the-box and is no stranger to thinking strategically
  • He tends to weigh the pros and cons carefully before giving his opinion and is well considered by many at the workplace
  • His ability to paint the big picture may sometimes be construed as a dampener when a gung-ho mentality prevails in an organization


  • Every successful organization has this guy in his team
  • He is very hardworking person who likes nothing better than to accomplish whatever task he is given
  • Each task is a challenge and must be done in best possible way
  • He has a good track record of success
  • He works quietly, uncomplaining, so his his hard work and efforts are not given due recognition
  • Office politics is anathema to him
  • This is The Bible for them

Next time when someone come to you and present you his brilliant great new innovative idea, before listening him all the way, just show him this picture and find out where he belongs (credit to Derek Sivers).


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How to Convert HTML to PDF

Almost every SaaS product or service needs to create PDF document in an easy way and sometimes what is an obvious task is not so easy to implement. We are not talking about creating PDF from other programs but creating PDF on-the-fly, for example, when someone buy something in your webshop you want to send him thank you letter together with an attached PDF invoice.

There are free and paid solutions to achieve this task. I will cover here only this topic “How to create PDF in Microsoft .NET and CSharp – C#”.

FREE tools for PDF creation

  1. iTextSharp – you can create PDF from scratch by adding single elements like paragraphs, fonts, tables… This is all done in code but you can also create a library-specific XML with dynamic code inside and then give it to  library to parse it – this way is better and you will have more control. The best thing is that it is free but it is also not so easy to create a nice PDF document – you will need to preview it and tweak it a lot of times before you are completely satisfied because there is no simple visual preview. Documentation is not its main power but there is some: doc-source-1, CodeProject, doc-source-2, api-docs
  2. WKHTMLtoPDF – this library use WebKit to convert HTML pages to PDF. This is super nice scenario, because creating HTML pages is an easy task. We have tried it but were not completely satisfied with the results (we didn’t tried the latest version)

COMMERCIAL tools for PDF creation

  1. There are a lot of them but among all of them we were best satisfied with HiqPDF library. You can download the library from their website and try immediately to check the results. You can even enter the live URL of your website/service at their website  to get instantly generated PDF and see the results. The only difference when using the Trial library is that there is the watermark inside created PDF document and after you purchase the license you will get this removed. Developer license would be the best for 595$ because it allows you as a single developer to use it in unlimited amount of projects.
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Is Apple iOS7 copying Windows Phone Metro Design?

Looks like, on the first view, that Apple, in the newest iOS7 update, made the icons simpler, more 2D, abandoned skeuomorphism and they look now more like colourful Windows Phone Metro icons.

It is a risky move and regarding that iPhone is their main business (by revenue) so Tim Cook will maybe copy Gil Amelio saying: “Apple is like a ship with holes in the bottom leaking water. My job is to get that ship pointed in the right direction.”)

It is really amazing how one man can make such a difference when it comes to the vision, leading the company and forbidding bad product to come to the market and being innovative most of the time, not follower of others (Steve Jobs, of course)…


I personally don’t like the new design because:

  1. Colors are highlighted too much – there are more colors then on richest Christmas tree
  2. Simplification was not consistently finished
  3. I see similarity with Windows Metro design guidelines (which is not bad) but at Windows it is more consistent and they use monochromatic icons mostly

As Steve said: “Good artists copy, great artists steal” 🙂

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