Solving tech problems

Market research sources and links

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When you starting a new business you need to find your customer and solve his pain and you need also to invest your time in research to see if your business fits into the market. (source: Priority tasks before starting your business Identify your customer Identify market segment / niches Take a look and research macroeconomic changes, demographic changes, psychographic changes, technical changes, societal changes, political changes and governament/regulatory chanegs Useful links that can help you in your research (Crunchbase – tech company database) (Find the company)…read more

What your ideas are worth in the terms of money?

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As said before in previous blog post we can differentiate all people roughly in three groups Talkers He never misses an opportunity to tell everyone in sight about his goals for the day, the week or even the month ahead Whenever anything favourable and worth noticing happens in the office, he finds an excuse to talk about it Not only does he impress his supervisors and bosses, even his customers are impressed, for quite some time, at least Thinkers He is one who is not short of ideas and is…read more

Cheapest hosting for startups that want to save money

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You and your team are building the SaaS product that will have the high impact on existing market or open a new one and you want to minimize the costs of the hosting in the beginning? First option is to find some hosting provider and pay them about 5o$/month. Question is if you need professional hosting in the beginning (during development and customer discovery). Second option is that you already have a good internet at your home. It is very usual nowadays that you have fibre optics with symmetrical download…read more

About making strategic entrepreneurial decisions

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As an entrepreneur you need to make a lot of strategic decisions and they all share these characteristics: They need to be decided in a limited amount of time (means fast) and very often under a stress You don’t know for sure what will be the final outcome as an impact of your strategic decision These are high-stake and high-risk decisions These decisions cause a significant allocation of resources (time, money, people, knowledge, …) You have a lot of different paths to choose but you need to choose the right…read more