ADIDAS is failing BIG!

As much as I loved Adidas sneakers (since I was kid, from original Wimbledon and Universal model) I must tell you that I hate this “shit quality” direction they are aiming.
By devoting so much money in marketing and paying these professional athletes ridiculous amount of money they are directly failing us, old customers. You can not remove all you production facilities into Asia (China, Bangladesh, Vietnam…) and sell us some shitty plastic low quality products.

Don’t be a hunk, open only 1 factory in Europe and start producing jus these old all-leather models (Universal, Bekenbauer, Wimbledon) and don’t offer me these shit replacements (Samba, Gazelle, Jeans).
There are customers that would like to pay triple the amount for real quality leather sneakers that will last 10 years like these:

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Tuscany in Autumn

Ever been in Tuscany? If not, you must go there. Amazing landscapes and old mediaeval towns. At the top of it is always adorable Italian food and wines and climate is super mild during the whole year.

Gladiator movie is also filmed in some of these locations and I created few wide prints for my office from these image I took…

01 02 03 04 04b 07 08 Tuscany001 Tuscany055 Tuscany119 Tuscany124

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Ever been to Corsica?

Summer vacation is coming in a few months. Ever been in Corsica? You should go to see it if you didn’t.

It is a beautiful island with amazing beaches, villages and mountains. Ajaccio, born place of Napoleon, has the best city beach I have seen in my life. Usually you try to avoid them.

The best beach on island is Capo di Feno. Don’t miss to visit Bonifacio.

Here are some photos…

04 07 23 01 02

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Wimbledon final and soft drink ads

Watching right now Wimbledon men’s final between Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer (btw, hoping that Djokovic will win it).

Almost every ad between games and sets are from producers of soft drinks (Nestea, Coca-Cola, Schweppes) and energy drinks (unknown RedBull competition). They are promising fun, health life, enjoyment and similar crap.

If I can give you some advice in this area I can tell you just don’t buy anything like this. Think logically… If they have so much money to spend on advertisement in prime time of biggest sport events that means that ingredients are cheap and there is really a great profit margin. It for sure is not good for your health – you can only get fat. If they don’t put physical sugar they will add artificial one which is not healthy at all. Read the ingredients on the label.

The best drink of your life is clear water. But not the water from the plastic bottle. I am talking about common water from your water pipe. Just use you phone and set a 2-hour reminder that will alert you to drink one glass of water every two hours. Don’t wait to be thirsty – it is already too late. Just drink by your timer alarm. Your brain needs water to operate properly. If you do like this, you will be more productive, less tired and you will live longer.


P.S. (happy update)
When I was writing this it was 1:1 in sets (I believed before the match that it will be 3:1 for Djokovic but it was 3:2 in very dramatic and high quality match). Bravo Novak, you have deserved it!

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Lake Bled

Located only 40-45 minutes from Ljubljana (with a car) Bled lake is perfect for one day trip. Completely beautiful this jewel of nature refill your batteries for a whole week. Just take a walk around the lake (approximately 1h of walking or 5km for full circle) and enjoy looking at Alps mountains cover with a snow, amazing small island with a church at the middle of the lake and old 1,000 years old castle at the top of rock near the lake.
Bring some old bread and feed the swans and ducks and don’t forget to feed yourself with super nice vanillacream cake “Blejska kremšnita/rezina”.

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Vacation in Komiža at Island Vis in Adriatic Sea, Croatia

This was my first trip to the Island Vis in Adriatic Sea, Croatia and I spent a pleasant vacation with my family. It is one the farthest Island off the Croatian Coast (Palagruža is the farthest but you can not come there with a Ferry) and it has area about 90 square kilometres and about 3,500 inhabitants (off-season).

How do you come here? You take A1 highway from Zagreb to Split and there you take the Ferry (here is the time table) and travel by boat for about 2.5 hours. Road infrastructure is good (the whole island was former big naval military base of ex-Yugoslavian army and it was closed for public visits until 1995).

Here is the map of the island Vis with all important beaches and all other important sightseeing objects.

What you shouldn’t miss on your trip:

  1. Walking through Komiža (we recommend accommodation here)
  2. Eating and enjoying in Pojoda restaurant at town Vis
  3. Swimming at Srebrna beach
  4. Swimming at Stiniva beach
  5. Visiting the Blue Cave at island Biševo
  6. Visiting Tito’s Cave
  7. Swimming at Porat beach at island Biševo
  8. Enjoying at lounge bar at the top of King’s George Fortress near town Vis (beautiful view)
  9. Patisserie “Cuker” at Komiža, near post office
  10. Tasting the fresh domestic lemons, white vine “Vugava” and red vine “Plavac”

I was getting up early, while my family was sleeping, to take some nice photos with my DSLR Nikon camera (because the Sun was low and rising). I managed also to learn some new interesting stuff (under the shadow of pine trees at Srebrna beach) from various online academy courses at Udemy. I had a really good compatriot – Acer Iconia tablet with i5 IvyBridge CPU with 256GB SSD which gave me 5-hours autonomy of working unplugged.

Here are some photos I choose to show you from this wonderful vacation. Enjoy and if you like, please feel free to comment or share.


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Wonderful Slovenia

Slovenia has great diversity. Everything is approximately one hour away from Ljubljana (using the car). Placed in the hearth of Europe there are Alps for hiking and skiing, Adriatic Sea for swimming and sailing and hills, rivers and lakes for leisure or cycling.

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