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Microsoft .NET to run on Linux and Mac OS X

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Microsoft .NET will finally run fully on Linux and Mac OS X platform and this is a great news. Visual Studio is maybe the best tool for developers and Microsoft decided to open sourcing the full server-side .NET Core stack, from ASP.NET 5 down to Core Runtime and Framework. Microsoft is also giving for free Visual Studio Community 2013 full featured edition of Visual Studio, available today. You can watch more about this here. Open source links ASP.NET – .NET Compiler – .NET Core – .NET –…read more

Whom to blame for the poor sale?


There aren’t many doubts. It is always the Salesman and there are three reasons for the poor sale: Salesman didn’t choose the right customer or the right decision maker in the company This means that your product is maybe ideal fit for certain customers but the customer your salesman is talking to is not in this group. Also, if the customer says “we will think about it” it means that he already know from the beginning of the year where he will spend his budget and your product in not…read more

Market research sources and links

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When you starting a new business you need to find your customer and solve his pain and you need also to invest your time in research to see if your business fits into the market. (source: Priority tasks before starting your business Identify your customer Identify market segment / niches Take a look and research macroeconomic changes, demographic changes, psychographic changes, technical changes, societal changes, political changes and governament/regulatory chanegs Useful links that can help you in your research (Crunchbase – tech company database) (Find the company)…read more

About making strategic entrepreneurial decisions

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As an entrepreneur you need to make a lot of strategic decisions and they all share these characteristics: They need to be decided in a limited amount of time (means fast) and very often under a stress You don’t know for sure what will be the final outcome as an impact of your strategic decision These are high-stake and high-risk decisions These decisions cause a significant allocation of resources (time, money, people, knowledge, …) You have a lot of different paths to choose but you need to choose the right…read more

Looking for a dream job? Job interview questions


I have found somewhere these questions, so it is a good opportunity to put this live… RELEVANT EXPERIENCE What skills do you possess that will help make you successful in this job? Why should we hire you? Have you ever worked in a similar position with another organization, and what did you enjoy most about and least about it? Please discuss some of your past jobs and what you accomplished in them? What prior work experiences have you had? What were your accomplishments in these prior work experiences? Please tell…read more

Scrum and Kanban development frameworks


Just returned from the very interesting lecture (by Dušan Omerčević from Zemanta and Andrej Zrimšek from NiceLabel) about Scrum and Kanban development frameworks here in Ljubljana, Slovenia and I am right now thinking about what I heard there and comparing with our approach, what we are doing in out development process. What I like is this: Developers protection from new feature requests while they are in one Sprint cycle. We have this problems all the time (adding new features and breaking the release date agreement). What was agreed this exactly…read more

Product oriented companies and why marketing matters


I was involved in one Cloud oriented startup that earns money by selling monthly and yearly subscriptions. Whole team with CEO included were devoted to create technically superior product for their current and new customers but none of them liked to work on promoting benefits of their product, so marketing tasks were not on the priority list. They are all aware that this is the bad thing but none of them was willing to do marketing tasks, so, apparently they needed to hire one good marketeer. Product grew organically but…read more

How do you learn about some interesting stuff?


Basically, there is no rule how we learn but learning process is not linear. The most important thing is our will to learn. In my case, it is more chaotic process when something grabs your attention and then you disperse in different directions from the starting idea and end up with something completely new that you even didn’t think about. Previous experience, feelings, events from the past make our perceptions better.. If you are able to gather and process all these new things in some useful story then your mind…read more