Solving tech problems

How to free port on Windows?

System Administration

So… All worked well, you were testing your website locally on some port and then suddenly it stopped working and you got an error that this URL can not be visited because this port is in usage. Can happen also if you have Angular local website, .NET local website in development… So, how you can get rid of this? Usually, these three commands will help you (in example is port 4200 – replace it with your own): Second command just put your port (4200 in this example) in excluded list,…read more

Beautiful Seychelles

Leisure and Pleasure

A lot of people have prejudices that having Summer vacation at Seychelles is something super expensive but they are wrong. Croatia is maybe more expensive now and Winter in Seychelles still has better and warmer weather and warmer sea. We had a great two weeks here and really enjoyed by visiting three islands: Mahe, Praslin and La Digue. Some prices: And now some nice images (and this is definitely not a place you should visit only once in your life) ­čÖé

Allow preview-only file with expiration date in One Drive


So… The task is to allow someone to preview any file from your One Drive, but you want also to set some expiration date, so after that date this file will be inaccessible. Open your One Drive app (or go to the online version) and select any file. After the selection, you have at the top command Share – click on it and you will get something like this: First, you want to allow only preview, so click on Any with the link can edit and change it to Can…read more

Digitalno potpisivanje dokumenata sa elektronskim sertifikatom


Napomena: ovaj blog miksuje objave na srpskom, slovena─Źkom i engleskom jeziku, pa nije svaki za svakogÔÇŽ. Ovo je podsetnik za sve kojima treba uputstvo kako digitalno potpisati dokument sa kvalifikovanim elektronskim digitalnim sertifikatom izdatim od strane Republike Srbije. Tako potpisani dokument je potpuno priznat kao dr┼żavno overen dokument i ne morate da dolazite iz Tasmanije u rodnu grudu samo zbog potpisa, ili barem do konzulata da vam teta udari pe─Źat na va┼íu, rukom napisanu (ili otkucanu) izjavu. Ne znam za┼íto sam vam ovo ispri─Źao, ali ako ne ┼íteti, onda koristi….read more

Kdor nima dovolj znanja, pla─Źuje dodatno

Banking and Finance

V primeru, da ne vlagate v lastno izobra┼żevanje (tudi po kon─Źani ┼íoli/fakulteti) in ─Źe ne posvetite dovolj ─Źasa razumevanju ter preverjanju poro─Źil, ki so vam jih pripravili strokovnjaki na tem podro─Źju, se vam lahko pripeti situacija, ko boste pla─Źali ve─Ź zaradi strokovne napake ali nepazljivosti teh ljudi. Navajam samo dva primera, pri katerih mi je znanje prepre─Źilo dodatne stro┼íke. Prvi primer Imam lasten s.p. z normiranimi stro┼íki, ki je dav─Źni zavezanec, in sodelujem z ra─Źunovodsko firmo, ki profesionalno ureja moje papirje ter poro─Źa dr┼żavi. Mese─Źno ali tromese─Źno mi posredujejo informacije…read more

How to import Odoo database and browse locally


If you use Odoo CRM solution, you can login into your account and under it you will find My Databases. When you click on it, you will be able to export existing database (to make a dump of it). This will be used for import on your local machine. Download this dump archive to your PC. Now, you need to install PostgreSql Database Server on your machine. I am using Windows and I choose to install version 14. You need to have 64-bit Windows OS and you can download PostgreSql…read more

Trip to Ireland

Leisure and Pleasure

We took an airplane from Venice to Dublin (duration 2:45) and here is on photo above the Alps. After arriving in Dublin airport we took a bus to Galway. Trip took around 3 hours and we went for late dinner (after check-in). Few photos from Galway: In the morning we have a breakfast – I choose some Irish type: I went to pick-up the rented car (half hour of walk from the hotel) and tried to adapt quickly on right-hand side driving. It was not as difficult as I expected,…read more

Plitvice lakes in Winter

Leisure and Pleasure

We went to Plitvice lakes on 18th February 2023 for two reasons: Always wanted to see it in Winter and to see some snow, but we didn’t have it much (the good thing is that all paths were opened) The entrance tickets are cheapest in this period and for small family of 3 it is around 30ÔéČ (in full season around 100ÔéČ) Here are some photos…