Okinawa, Japan

Leisure and Pleasure

After we arrived in Tokyo, we traveled to Okinawa two days later, which is about 2,200 km to the south or roughly a 3-hour flight. Upon departure, we realized we were headed to Naha Airport on the main Okinawa island instead of Miyako-jima, where we had booked our accommodation. This mistake led to a dilemma: either take another flight from Naha to Miyako-jima and lose our car rental on the main island or find new accommodation on Okinawa and forfeit our booking on Miyako-jima. We decided to stay on the main island and found a spacious last-minute apartment at a 50% discount.

I quickly adapted to driving on the left side of the road, thanks to prior practice in Ireland, and we enjoyed scenic coastal routes. After six nights in Okinawa, we savored the delicious local cuisine, breathtaking sea views, and beautiful beaches. The sunsets were particularly stunning, with our balcony offering a direct westward view.

Near us, just left of Emerald Beach, there is a great Sea World aquarium and a beautiful tropical botanical garden, both must-see attractions with affordable tickets. Don’t miss visiting shrimp farms to try Godzilla shrimps and Kouri shrimps. We also recommend L Lota and Chanya restaurants, and for great cakes and cookies, visit Kanasa and Joie & Joie patisserie.

The whole vibe is relaxing, although swimming can be intimidating after learning about dangerous sea creatures at the aquarium. Stick to designated swimming areas and avoid peak jellyfish season in late July.

And now, the images.