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Protecting your Linux server from Heartbleed bug

System Administration

I have got at least 20 emails from different sources about OpenSSL vulnerability, known as Heartbleed bug It allows anyone on the Internet to read the memory of the systems protected by the vulnerable versions of the OpenSSL software. More details about this (how to reproduce and fix) can be found here. To check if your server is vulnerable use this online tool. At the end, in order to protect your server’s Linux OS you need to do this few steps: Login through SSL (you can use Putty from Windows)…read more

Geek weekend with Acer Iconia W700 tablet

System Administration, Technologies, Thoughts

Acer Iconia W700 is great piece of hardware for Windows type technical guys.  It can be a helpful tool when you are on the road or out of the office and need to get things done (no matter if you are a developer, system administrator or company owner). It is basically a PC tablet with a touch screen, with i5 IvyBridge processor  (3337U at 1.8GHz) and with Toshiba 128GB SSD disk. It has 11,6″ 16:9 screen with great, full HD resolution 1920x1080px and it has great battery life – maybe…read more

Cheapest hosting for startups that want to save money

Company stuff, System Administration

You and your team are building the SaaS product that will have the high impact on existing market or open a new one and you want to minimize the costs of the hosting in the beginning? First option is to find some hosting provider and pay them about 5o$/month. Question is if you need professional hosting in the beginning (during development and customer discovery). Second option is that you already have a good internet at your home. It is very usual nowadays that you have fibre optics with symmetrical download…read more

Copy-Paste Stopped Working on Remote Desktop Connection

System Administration

This happened few times and is annoying when you can not Copy-Paste among Remote Server and your Local Machine How to fix when clipboard stops working at RDP? Open RDP to your server and login Open Task Manager (right click Taskbar and select Task Manager) Go to the Processes Tab Find rdpclip.exe Click End Process Go to the Application Tab Click New Process Type rdpclip Click Ok After that, Copy and Paste should work normally again. How do you fix this permanently? There is no cure for permanent fix but…read more