Copy-Paste Stopped Working on Remote Desktop Connection

This happened few times and is annoying when you can not Copy-Paste among Remote Server and your Local Machine

How to fix when clipboard stops working at RDP?

  1. Open RDP to your server and login
  2. Open Task Manager (right click Taskbar and select Task Manager)
  3. Go to the Processes Tab
  4. Find rdpclip.exe
  5. Click End Process
  6. Go to the Application Tab
  7. Click New Process
  8. Type rdpclip
  9. Click Ok

After that, Copy and Paste should work normally again.

How do you fix this permanently?

There is no cure for permanent fix but you can make it easier if it happens too often.

  1. Create a new bat file and call it whatever you want say, clipboard.bat.
  2. Write the following two commands on separate lines in the new bat file
    • Taskkill.exe /im rdpclip.exe
    • Rdpclip.exe
    • Save the bat file and put it somewhere on Desktop or Quick Launch.
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