Microsoft .NET to run on Linux and Mac OS X

Microsoft .NET will finally run fully on Linux and Mac OS X platform and this is a great news.

Visual Studio is maybe the best tool for developers and Microsoft decided to open sourcing the full server-side .NET Core stack, from ASP.NET 5 down to Core Runtime and Framework.

Microsoft is also giving for free Visual Studio Community 2013 full featured edition of Visual Studio, available today.

You can watch more about this here.

Open source links
.NET Compiler –
.NET Core –
.NET –

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How to find quickly specific table in DBML designer in Visual Studio

I spent a lot of time in my life working on complex web, mobile and desktop projects in Microsoft Visual Studio and dealing with databases and I always wanted and easy way to find specific SQL table in DBML designer in Visual Studio.

This is how DBML designer looks like:


This is only one prt of DBML and if ou don’t have 30″ screen it is really hard to find specific table.

Usually, after changing just on column in specific table, or adding/deleting some column,  it is easier to delete all tables and views and add them all again.

But, I found a way to save this unnecessary time by clicking on F4 button and you will get Properties on the right.

Now, just choose from the top your table by its name and it is selected! I am so happy because I will have more time to spend with my family 🙂



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