Problems with Map Network Drive in Windows Server 2008R2

To list all network shares use this command from Command Prompt:
net use

To delete specific network share
net use /delete \\SERVER_IP\YOUR_SHARE

If you map “\\SERVER_IP\SHARE1” as drive letter X using “user1” and “password1”, then try to map “\\SERVER_IP\SHARE2” (a different share) as drive letter Y using the same “user1” and “password1”, and you click the “connect using different credentials” checkbox in the Map Network Drive dialog box and specify “user1” and “password1”, you will get this INCORRECT ERROR MESSAGE that says “The network folder specified is currently mapped using a different user name and password”.


I figured out that once you have mapped to “SERVER_IP” using those credentials, you can map to different shares on the same server without re-specifying the credentials. This is NOT CLEAR from the “Map Network Drives” dialog box, which leads to users (like me, and I’m a programmer by trade) trying to enter the credentials again and getting this incorrect error message.

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