Why is so hard to start the new thing from beginning?

I have decided that I will start writing my personal blog and it is a hard task to begin.

  • What to do first?
  • What I will write about?
  • How I will organize it?
  • How often I will write?
  • Will someone read this or give me some useful feedback?
  • A lot of other strange questions that stops you to take the instant action.

Solution is easy.

Stop asking yourself.

Do something.

Even if it is not perfect you will improve yourself during the time.

And this is how my first post came out.

I bought a domain first so lets go back to the questions:

  • What domain name should I use?
  • How to find a proper domain name for my personal blog?
  • How to search through all domain extensions?
  • Etc… etc…

Use Google as always for every research, don’t brake your head solving the solved problems or reinventing the wheel (or hot water).

So I chose https://blog.kvadrati.com for personal blog because what I like the most and where I think I am the most enthusiastic is when solving variousĀ  IT and TECH problems. BTW, I always liked Tonga, heard about beautiful experience from my friend about his Summer vacation there and I said to myself that I should visit this island once. Right now, this is the closest I got to Tonga.

Hey! It wasn’t so hard to write first blog post. I now need to fill all other blank sections, to write something about me, who I am, what I am standing for, and to expose a little bit more, but maybe I can go with this anonymous low profile and wait for the first feedback.
Feel free to give me any feedback or ask me if you need helm in solving some IT or TECH problems – I am working as CTO and as Solution Architect.

So summarize: JUST DO IT! (don’t ask too many questions – any coincidence with Nike slogan is pure coincidence)

It is now time to pack things and to pick up my son from the kindergarten.

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