Create self-signed SSL using OpenSSL

System Administration

This is how you can create self-signed SSL… Download OpenSsl installer first: Generate private key first:[YOUR_OPENSSL_BIN_PATH]\openssl.exe genrsa -out [YOUR_OUTPUT_PATH]\ 2048 Generate CSR request (set all data but set at the end empty password and company name):[YOUR_OPENSSL_BIN_PATH]\openssl.exe req -new -nodes -key [YOUR_OUTPUT_PATH]\ -out d:\Utils\Certificates\ Generate certificate that is valid 10 years, or 3652 days[YOUR_OPENSSL_BIN_PATH]\openssl.exe x509 -req -days 3652 -in [YOUR_OUTPUT_PATH]\ -signkey [YOUR_OUTPUT_PATH]\ -out [YOUR_OUTPUT_PATH]\ Use this certificate for your email for example – set port 995 for incoming email and port 465 for outgoing email – put them into firewall (Inbound…read more