Instagram crashes on start – when big company make things wrong

I am having iOS 6 installed on my iPhone (intentionally didn’t want to switch to ugly iOS 7) and yesterday on March 4th 2014 I installed the Instagram update.

After doing this, the application is crashing on start. It doesn’t open. On opening the background graphic is showed very quickly and then everything disappear (crashes).

It is the perfect example how big company can make a mess making millions of users angry. I thing they are aware of this.

What is surprising for me is that the new update is not available yet. They should have some team of developers that can work on these kind of unwanted incidents overtime.

Maybe Facebook invested all in WhatsApp and let Instagram on cold? They paid 19 times more for it (or in measurement units let’s say 19 billion dollars).

After reinstalling the app it started to work.



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