Are you up to the new challenge?

When doing your daily tasks you can be “in the zone” when everything is flowing seamlessly, or you can be out of your zone when “you are lost” and don’t know exactly what to do and where to begin.
This can be represented with a simple graph:


It is always the best if you can be in the upper right quadrant where you are challenged properly but you have enough skills to do the job. You are flowing in this phase and time is passing without noticing. This is perfect. Experts and specialists are there.

If you are in the bottom right quadrant then this means that your challenge is low and your skills are high, so this can bring in some people relaxation, but in other this brings boredom. There is a danger of standing still and not taking bigger challenges. A lot of employees are there, but as Steve Jobs said: “Stay hungry, stay foolish”.

When you are in the top left quadrant (high challenge and low skills) it means that you are anxious and in a panic, because you can not finish the task without improving your skills. The solution is always to find someone to do it for you. This is what entrepreneurs do.

Being in the bottom left quadrant means that you are apathetic (lack of interest), non-motivated at all. Challenge is low and it requires low skills. These can be pictured like doing some simple repetitive tasks like moving boxes from left side to the right side. You need to invest your spare time to rise your skills and to find a bigger challenge.

Do you have a problem that you are not in the zone? Tell me what you think.

Do you need help to rise your skill level?

It is always a good choice to find a mentor.

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