Do not let others to ruin your dreams

I talked with my friend and he told me that he is desperate because he feels that he can achieve much more but in organization where he is working all his nice idea are rejected. So, there are two options: to let it go and continue living like that in this organization or to change something. The main problem is that he really believes that from his ideas organization can benefit but nearest co-workers are telling him that this will be hard to achieve, and that they don’t see any real benefit. If you are not stubborn enough or not self confident enough it won’t be hard for other people to silent your inner voices. Everybody has some passion and inner happiness and when you are in that mood the ideas are flowing and everything seems possible.

The problem occurs when you present these ideas to your family members, relatives, friends and because you respect these people much you can quickly abandon your super idea if they tell you that this is “nothing special” or even “really stupid”. If you are not self confident you will abandon these ideas and vision, that made you happy, and you will feel really empty and somehow depressed.

This is wrong because you must not allow opinion of other people to ruin your dreams and passion because this is you and you need to listen your inner voice. Look at the small child – he/she is completely happy and thinks that he can do everything. During the time, through socialization other children, teachers, people told him that something he thinks is possible is really impossible or not worth even trying and all this happened because they are projecting their constraints and limitations from their childhood and parents.

If you really believe in something you need to go for it. It is really hard but you need to be stubborn when it comes to this.

Don’t let anyone to ruin your dreams. If you have a dream, you must protect it.

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