Wimbledon final and soft drink ads

Watching right now Wimbledon men’s final between Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer (btw, hoping that Djokovic will win it).

Almost every ad between games and sets are from producers of soft drinks (Nestea, Coca-Cola, Schweppes) and energy drinks (unknown RedBull competition). They are promising fun, health life, enjoyment and similar crap.

If I can give you some advice in this area I can tell you just don’t buy anything like this. Think logically… If they have so much money to spend on advertisement in prime time of biggest sport events that means that ingredients are cheap and there is really a great profit margin. It for sure is not good for your health – you can only get fat. If they don’t put physical sugar they will add artificial one which is not healthy at all. Read the ingredients on the label.

The best drink of your life is clear water. But not the water from the plastic bottle. I am talking about common water from your water pipe. Just use you phone and set a 2-hour reminder that will alert you to drink one glass of water every two hours. Don’t wait to be thirsty – it is already too late. Just drink by your timer alarm. Your brain needs water to operate properly. If you do like this, you will be more productive, less tired and you will live longer.


P.S. (happy update)
When I was writing this it was 1:1 in sets (I believed before the match that it will be 3:1 for Djokovic but it was 3:2 in very dramatic and high quality match). Bravo Novak, you have deserved it!

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