How to submit form in jQueryMobile?

jQuery Mobile is excellent framework and I was trying to figure out why postback of my web form is not working properly and I finally found out that jQuery Mobile use ajax in passing forms so you need to add parameter data-ajax=”false”. It is better to read documentation sometimes.

<form id="page_form" method="post" action="[your-url]" data-ajax="false">
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Best new web technologies

Creating modern website od SaaS service requires you to be familiar with a lot of new technologies such as:

These are more modern language & framework for Web application development:

  • ASP.NET MVC (C#)
  • Ruby and Ruby on Rails
  • Python and Django
  • Scala + Play

We have great experience in using these technologies in our SaaS products and we can provide you our expert help on a problems that you will face during the development with these technologies.

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