ADIDAS is failing BIG!

As much as I loved Adidas sneakers (since I was kid, from original Wimbledon and Universal model) I must tell you that I hate this “shit quality” direction they are aiming.
By devoting so much money in marketing and paying these professional athletes ridiculous amount of money they are directly failing us, old customers. You can not remove all you production facilities into Asia (China, Bangladesh, Vietnam…) and sell us some shitty plastic low quality products.

Don’t be a hunk, open only 1 factory in Europe and start producing jus these old all-leather models (Universal, Bekenbauer, Wimbledon) and don’t offer me these shit replacements (Samba, Gazelle, Jeans).
There are customers that would like to pay triple the amount for real quality leather sneakers that will last 10 years like these:

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