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Wimbledon final and soft drink ads

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Watching right now Wimbledon men’s final between Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer (btw, hoping that Djokovic will win it). Almost every ad between games and sets are from producers of soft drinks (Nestea, Coca-Cola, Schweppes) and energy drinks (unknown RedBull competition). They are promising fun, health life, enjoyment and similar crap. If I can give you some advice in this area I can tell you just don’t buy anything like this. Think logically… If they have so much money to spend on advertisement in prime time of biggest sport events…read more

Instagram crashes on start – when big company make things wrong


I am having iOS 6 installed on my iPhone (intentionally didn’t want to switch to ugly iOS 7) and yesterday on March 4th 2014 I installed the Instagram update. After doing this, the application is crashing on start. It doesn’t open. On opening the background graphic is showed very quickly and then everything disappear (crashes). It is the perfect example how big company can make a mess making millions of users angry. I thing they are aware of this. What is surprising for me is that the new update is…read more

Geek weekend with Acer Iconia W700 tablet

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Acer Iconia W700 is great piece of hardware for Windows type technical guys.  It can be a helpful tool when you are on the road or out of the office and need to get things done (no matter if you are a developer, system administrator or company owner). It is basically a PC tablet with a touch screen, with i5 IvyBridge processor  (3337U at 1.8GHz) and with Toshiba 128GB SSD disk. It has 11,6″ 16:9 screen with great, full HD resolution 1920x1080px and it has great battery life – maybe…read more

What you see is what you are


Look quickly at this picture and remember what you saw first. You saw the young girl The girl is looking into the distance and you see her profile on the left – there is the nose and eyelashes. Her ​​hat has the white veil and she is dressed in luxurious fur coat and on the neck she is wearing a necklace. Explanation According to popular interpretations, which, however, is not confirmed by the psychologists, you have the bright nature, youthful spirit and you have an optimistic view of the world….read more

What your ideas are worth in the terms of money?

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As said before in previous blog post we can differentiate all people roughly in three groups Talkers He never misses an opportunity to tell everyone in sight about his goals for the day, the week or even the month ahead Whenever anything favourable and worth noticing happens in the office, he finds an excuse to talk about it Not only does he impress his supervisors and bosses, even his customers are impressed, for quite some time, at least Thinkers He is one who is not short of ideas and is…read more

Global warming or global cooling – what is more dangerous for an IT?

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It is the end of the week, so let’s look around us what is happening and how we will spend our weekend. In USA temperatures are -35°C but here in Europe we have 15°C and no snow for skiing. I always thought that science is an exact discipline but having this conflict between climatologists and environmentalists where they can not decide and agree (with probability greater then 50%) if we are coming to the new ice age or the new melting age (global warming), I became sceptical. Maybe the opinion…read more

Working hard is not guarantee for prosperity


It is very important where we invest our life energy every day and to measure that every week (what we have done and what we have gained). Working hard on unimportant things in completely irrelevant when we talk about the prosperity because there is no added value. Spending time on quarrelling, worrying is complete waste of time, so don’t do this. The most important thing is to set the  goals and then work hard on the steps that can bring you more closer to achieving these goals – this is…read more