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How to escape parenthesis/brackets ‘{‘, ‘}’ in string.Format?


Usually you have something like this: string.Format(“Output: {0}”, “A”); This will result as: Output: A What you should do if you want to make an output like this? Output: {A} You need to escape parenthesis/brackets like this: You use {{ to output { You use }} to output } So, you final C# command should look like this: string.Format(“Output: {{{0}}}”, “A”);

Daily project: Automatic Twitter status updater


I like to read great quotes, because they express the wisdom and the creativity of human race. So, I was thinking how I can share them automatically on my Twitter account. First task was to find out the source of great quotes and RSS/Atom feeds are perfect data source to complete this task. After some researching I found out few publicly available sources on Quotes of the day: Love quotes: After having the source all we need to do now is to parse these RSS feeds and…read more