PATH variable optimizer and cleaner

System Administration

You will maybe run into the problem that your PATH variable length is higher than 2048 characters, which is allowed maxium.

If this occurs your PATH setting will stop working and you need some automatic tool to optimize and clean your path by removing unused records and optimizing/shortening used records.

Download the tool to do this here:

It is a command line tool and if you type for help:

cleanpath --help

You will get this:

cleanpath 1.0.0
Copyright (C) 2022 cleanpath
-m, --machine (Default: false) Target machine path
-c, --change (Default: false) Change path
-l, --list (Default: false) List path
-f, --full (Default: false) List full path
-y, --yes (Default: false) Respond yes to confirmation
--help Display this help screen.
--version Display version information.

To optimize your global (computer account) PATH variable type:

cleanpath -m -c -y

To optimize your user’s PATH variable type:

cleanpath -m -c -y