Disable zoom with mouse wheel in Firefox

System Administration

  1. Open Firefox. 
  2. In the address bar type in about:config and press Enter.
  3. Click I’ll be careful, I promise
  4. Type mousewheel.with_control.action in the Search bar at the top of the about:config page. 
  5. Double-click mousewheel.with_control.action from the Preference Name column. 
  6. Enter the number 0 in the dialog box. 
  7. browser.gesture.pinch.in (cmd_fullZoomReduce -> empty string)
  8. browser.gesture.pinch.out (cmd_fullZoomEnlarge -> empty string)
  1. Click OK

In order to disable multi-touch pinch zoom-in and zoom-out repeat the procedure as previous one and set:

browser.gesture.pinch.in & browser.gesture.pinch.out to false.
Alternatively you could try setting zoom.maxPercent & zoom.minPercent to 100 …