Who is Aleksandar Hajduković?

aleksandar.hajdukovicI automate and simplify repetitive tasks by creating modern IT solutions that help you to focus on your core business and let machine do the other.

I am passionate about creating products and services for different business branches and helping them to automate the daily tasks. I like living entrepreneurially and being surrounded with creative people so we can build together amazing things when we join our different skill sets. By experience, I am a tleader, developer, database and system administrator and like solving real-life IT problems and analysing big data.

Currently I manage my own company Kvadrati.com and in the past I co-founded the Esponce (cloud oriented mobile startup that allows businesses to reach their audience on mobile phones) and Avivo (digital interactive agency). I was a CTO there and together with my team we created a great products. More info can be found in my CV.

When I find some time I like to write about different topics, but mostly about the technology. All opinions that are expressed on this blog are my personal opinions and they are not influenced by any other person or company. I like to read a good book, to travel with my family, some say that I am a chocolate addict… I enjoy taking the photos and to publish them on Instagram.

You can reach me on LinkedIn, Twitter, or just write me

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