Remove annoying Get Windows 10 tray icon

  • Control Panel > Windows Update > Installed updates (at bottom left) -> find and remove KB3035583 (under Windows section) -> Restart computer
  • It can come again with next update so be careful and if you see it then right click on it (under Select the updates you want to install) and click Hide this update
  • As final check, see if you have a registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\Gwx and delete it.
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Creating virtual host aliases under Apache

Sometimes you want to create folder alias for your website like this: /images to be mapped to /home/your_account/public_html/images.

To do this, you need to edit Apache httpd.conf file which is located at /etc/httpd/conf

It is clever to put all aliases in one file in the same directory and name them aliases.conf and then only to reference this file from httpd.conf.

You will include aliases.conf in httpd.conf like this:

<IfModule mod_alias.c>
    Include /Applications/MAMP/conf/apache/alias

You define alias in aliases.conf file like this:

Alias /images /home/your_account/public_html/images
<Directory "/home/your_account/public_html/images">
    Options Indexes FollowSymLinks ExecCGI Includes
    AllowOverride All
    Order allow,deny
    Allow from all
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Re-keying and Re-issuing MultiSAN SSL certificate in CPanel

I have lost 6 hours of my time when I was trying to add new MultiSAN SSL on server. We already used one and we just added one new SAN placeholder for one subdomain.

Server: CentOS Linux + CPanel

  1. Entered new SAN, using saved CSR and Re-issued the SSL certificate
  2. Went to > SSL/TLS Manager and added the new SSL under SSL/TLS Manager > Certificates (CRT) > Generate, view, upload, or delete SSL certificates.
  3. Nothing helped because when I visited it said that it is using old SSL certificate which has expired.
  4. Tried everything, Re-keying, generating new CSR, few times downloading newly prepared SSL certificate, editing Apache httpd.conf file but nothing help.
  5. After 6 hours I saw the last option: SSL/TLS Manager > Install and Manage SSL for your site (HTTPS) > Manage SSL sites. Uploaded there all three things:
    1. My SSL certificate
    2. Decoded private key
    3. My provider’s SSL certificate
  6. Restart Apache web server

Voila! It finally worked!

What unfriendly user interface where all 4 options are equal and it is not obvious what needs to be done. Or maybe, I am the exception. Tried 3rd option all the time.

Hate these things, but on the other side I learned something new and you will spare some time if you come to the similar problem. Hope, you will find this post quickly!

I definitely wrote this post also for myself, it was not the first time I was searching for some solution and Google listed me my blog post 🙂


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You can not outsmart the banks and insurance companies

In last 7 years inflation in Slovenia is bellow 3% (chart is from national statistical office)


If you have life insurance at insurance company Generali then they will rise each year the amount you need to pay each month for at least 3%, no matter if costs of living per year raised only 0,2% (as it was in 2014). They have insured themselves as insurance company so their profit from this part will be 15 times more then it should be.

Conclusion: better trust in your own abilities to turn over the money you invest then to give some incompetent people to do this for you. For example, Generali generated us a loss in last 6 years (they dispersed it into different stocks, but again when you calculate all their raises and bank commissions we are in a short – have less then invested).

With the banks is the same story. They are raising their fees every year but they don’t forget to lower the yearly rates for deposits when EURibor is low (and they do this retroactively).

Gordon Gecko would say “Greed is good”. For them it is true for sure.

Better become an entrepreneur and take the responsibility to turn over the money by yourself.

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Trello is a great tool is nicely done, efficient and very clear task management tool. You can use it for managing your weekly plans/tasks and you can create multiple boards and then moving task from the left to the right.

For example, you can have three simple boards:

  1. What need to be done
  2. What is done and in testing phase
  3. What is finished, tested and published

It is even efficient to follow Scrum methodology in a simple way – nice for small teams and their collaboration. We really like it and use it on a daily basis.


There is also similar tool from Google named Google Keep which I don’t like at all. UX from Google guys is for me always complicated, over featured and not user friendly.


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Statistics about successful and brilliant people

If we look at any country or certain population we will see that there is always about 4% of extraordinary and brilliant people (experts in their field). This can be a big problem for smaller countries/populations. When we have a large pool of people (i.e. bigger country), or if there is a lot of people concentrated on a small place (like New York) then you have more probability to meet one of these. Usually, there will be also larger companies there, that are managed by one of these extraordinary people and that employ mass of the others.

It is also not the same if you have 2 million people in 20,000km2 (smaller country) or if you have them in 1,200km2 (in New York). New York wins definitely – bigger competition, enormous fluctuation, super busy “ants” at small place. Other side has also advantages, there is no rush, you will always find free place in interesting events.

Looking at the population of 2,000,000 people we need first to subtract old and retired and also very young population and we will get about 700,000 people that are actually working. From this we will have about 28,000 extraordinary people (4%) in all professions.

I inspected one small country and found out that it has more then 160,000 companies (not all owned by domestic people, so lets say there is 150,000 companies).


If you meet in one day with 5 random companies there is a great probability that 4 of them are managed by people that are not extraordinary.

What is more beautiful: you don’t need to be extraordinary entrepreneur to have a great company (but is can be easier if you are).

One of the greatest – Nikola Tesla (Source:

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