Long live and prosper Mr. Spock

Farewell, Mr. Spock, you will be missed. The circumstances are logical, but again, we humans are emotional beings.

Hope that there is still something behind this mortal life and that you will continue to long live and prosper in another dimension.

Or, some new Genesis project.


(credits to Dave Daring on DeviantArt.com)

Who is spreading the snow panic?

Heavy snow is coming, be aware of cataclysmic snow storm, you have been warned!

I really do not understand what is it with media today that they don’t have nothing better to cover thenĀ  a few snowflakes.

Who is behind this artificial panic attack? If you know, please post here as comment.

They just announced which schools and kindergartens will be closed (I even got an SMS from my child’s kindergarten). Brrrrr – it will be tough – take precaution measures and don’t think, just listen! Don’t see any snowflakes yet. Ok, I believe them that it will fall 10m during my sleep time.

Who am I to fleer to all this insane panic? Well, I am just a reasonable – we were never warned about similar situation when I was a child and it was 30 times more snow.

These all Justin Bieber soft kids (or maybe their teachers) are strange. Hannibal and his warriors crossed the Alpes full of snow barefooted and almost without clothes.

Watching empty shelves in supermarkets in USA and can not believe my eyes…

After the panic and threatening with fines it showed that it was false alarm.

So people, spend all your money buying food now, dig up a hole deep bellow to hide from the snow! Winter is coming even it is almost over. Snow cannons are working despite the heavy snowing – don’t worry.


(Source: huffingtonpost.ca)


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