Scrum and Kanban development frameworks

Just returned from the very interesting lecture (by Dušan Omerčević from Zemanta and Andrej Zrimšek from NiceLabel) about Scrum and Kanban development frameworks here in Ljubljana, Slovenia and I am right now thinking about what I heard there and comparing with our approach, what we are doing in out development process.

What I like is this:

  1. Developers protection from new feature requests while they are in one Sprint cycle. We have this problems all the time (adding new features and breaking the release date agreement).
  2. What was agreed this exactly will be done – no rooms for changes during the one Sprint.
  3. No multitasking, doing one task in agreed time period of time. Focus is about saying no to 1000 things.
  4. Communication, Communication, Communication.
  5. Doing retrospectives  backwards and re-evaluating what was done at the end of each Sprint cycle.
  6. If we set a rule that we will do only 5 bigger tasks in certain amount of time and if top manager come with new task he must choose which one of previous 5 tasks he will remove to make the place for this new task. Really cool, and make them think.

What I don’t like:

  1. I felt during the lecture that lecturers talk really slow, like they don’t care at all about the time and I was worried about their productivity in real company environment.
  2. At the end of the lecture, we have put our questions on the board and they chose 5 questions from 15 and set 45 minutes frameset to go through these 5 questions.
  3. Even it is very useful framework it also looks to me little bit like bureaucracy if not used in a right way (in a way that real programming hours will decrease in organization and also the lines of produced code).
  4. I am not sure how this is suitable for small teams (for example, 3 people).
  5. It is in the humane nature to try to earn highest amount of money for smallest amount of work so I am afraid that people will be happy to have 3-days weekend (if Monday is dedicated for all day meeting and discussion).
  6. There is a Programming, Motherfucker movement that expose this problem more exactly.

Best practice is to take the best from both approaches!


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Best new web technologies

Creating modern website od SaaS service requires you to be familiar with a lot of new technologies such as:

These are more modern language & framework for Web application development:

  • ASP.NET MVC (C#)
  • Ruby and Ruby on Rails
  • Python and Django
  • Scala + Play

We have great experience in using these technologies in our SaaS products and we can provide you our expert help on a problems that you will face during the development with these technologies.

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Vacation in Komiža at Island Vis in Adriatic Sea, Croatia

This was my first trip to the Island Vis in Adriatic Sea, Croatia and I spent a pleasant vacation with my family. It is one the farthest Island off the Croatian Coast (Palagruža is the farthest but you can not come there with a Ferry) and it has area about 90 square kilometres and about 3,500 inhabitants (off-season).

How do you come here? You take A1 highway from Zagreb to Split and there you take the Ferry (here is the time table) and travel by boat for about 2.5 hours. Road infrastructure is good (the whole island was former big naval military base of ex-Yugoslavian army and it was closed for public visits until 1995).

Here is the map of the island Vis with all important beaches and all other important sightseeing objects.

What you shouldn’t miss on your trip:

  1. Walking through Komiža (we recommend accommodation here)
  2. Eating and enjoying in Pojoda restaurant at town Vis
  3. Swimming at Srebrna beach
  4. Swimming at Stiniva beach
  5. Visiting the Blue Cave at island Biševo
  6. Visiting Tito’s Cave
  7. Swimming at Porat beach at island Biševo
  8. Enjoying at lounge bar at the top of King’s George Fortress near town Vis (beautiful view)
  9. Patisserie “Cuker” at Komiža, near post office
  10. Tasting the fresh domestic lemons, white vine “Vugava” and red vine “Plavac”

I was getting up early, while my family was sleeping, to take some nice photos with my DSLR Nikon camera (because the Sun was low and rising). I managed also to learn some new interesting stuff (under the shadow of pine trees at Srebrna beach) from various online academy courses at Udemy. I had a really good compatriot – Acer Iconia tablet with i5 IvyBridge CPU with 256GB SSD which gave me 5-hours autonomy of working unplugged.

Here are some photos I choose to show you from this wonderful vacation. Enjoy and if you like, please feel free to comment or share.


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