How to find quickly specific table in DBML designer in Visual Studio

I spent a lot of time in my life working on complex web, mobile and desktop projects in Microsoft Visual Studio and dealing with databases and I always wanted and easy way to find specific SQL table in DBML designer in Visual Studio.

This is how DBML designer looks like:


This is only one prt of DBML and if ou don’t have 30″ screen it is really hard to find specific table.

Usually, after changing just on column in specific table, or adding/deleting some column,  it is easier to delete all tables and views and add them all again.

But, I found a way to save this unnecessary time by clicking on F4 button and you will get Properties on the right.

Now, just choose from the top your table by its name and it is selected! I am so happy because I will have more time to spend with my family 🙂



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How to Convert HTML to PDF

Almost every SaaS product or service needs to create PDF document in an easy way and sometimes what is an obvious task is not so easy to implement. We are not talking about creating PDF from other programs but creating PDF on-the-fly, for example, when someone buy something in your webshop you want to send him thank you letter together with an attached PDF invoice.

There are free and paid solutions to achieve this task. I will cover here only this topic “How to create PDF in Microsoft .NET and CSharp – C#”.

FREE tools for PDF creation

  1. iTextSharp – you can create PDF from scratch by adding single elements like paragraphs, fonts, tables… This is all done in code but you can also create a library-specific XML with dynamic code inside and then give it to  library to parse it – this way is better and you will have more control. The best thing is that it is free but it is also not so easy to create a nice PDF document – you will need to preview it and tweak it a lot of times before you are completely satisfied because there is no simple visual preview. Documentation is not its main power but there is some: doc-source-1, CodeProject, doc-source-2, api-docs
  2. WKHTMLtoPDF – this library use WebKit to convert HTML pages to PDF. This is super nice scenario, because creating HTML pages is an easy task. We have tried it but were not completely satisfied with the results (we didn’t tried the latest version)

COMMERCIAL tools for PDF creation

  1. There are a lot of them but among all of them we were best satisfied with HiqPDF library. You can download the library from their website and try immediately to check the results. You can even enter the live URL of your website/service at their website  to get instantly generated PDF and see the results. The only difference when using the Trial library is that there is the watermark inside created PDF document and after you purchase the license you will get this removed. Developer license would be the best for 595$ because it allows you as a single developer to use it in unlimited amount of projects.
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Working hard is not guarantee for prosperity

It is very important where we invest our life energy every day and to measure that every week (what we have done and what we have gained).

Working hard on unimportant things in completely irrelevant when we talk about the prosperity because there is no added value.

Spending time on quarrelling, worrying is complete waste of time, so don’t do this.

The most important thing is to set the  goals and then work hard on the steps that can bring you more closer to achieving these goals – this is what brings the prosperity.

So, work SMART not HARD!

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